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New Depression Screening is Now Going to Include Postpartum

Wednesday, 5/25/2016

An article released in January 2016 has stated the US Preventive Services Task Force has now included screening for pregnany and postpartum women along with updating screening for adults 18 years and older.  The implementation of screening for pregnant and postpartum women has been long overdue and will assist in treating women as soon as possible if they do face postpartum depression.  Women are provided with the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale and although the follow up procedures have lacked in the past the American Academy of Pediatrics is requesting that women be screen at the baby's first, second, and fourth month visit.  Following up is crucial and although many women are provided some sort of scale or survey there is no follow through.  It is a step closer to getting women into treatment as soon as possible and looking at mothers to ensure they are healthy for their baby.  Please check out the full article attached in this blog. 

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